Yorkie Puppy Cuddles behind Dad’s Neck in Car

Yorkie Puppy Cuddles behind Dad’s Neck in Car featured image

Sources: Whitney Oborn Adams via The Yorkie Club / Rumble

The video below will have you melting in your seat.

It is an adorable little Yorkie puppy who loves to snuggle behind his dad’s neck whenever they are driving home.

This is probably the most adorable video you’ll see today!

This Yorkie totally knows the best seat in the house and it’s so cute.

The best part about the video for me is definitely the way the Yorkie looks back at the camera.

The way he snuggles behind dad’s neck to feel safe and secure!

Not many other cuter sights have ever been witnessed.

The video is below, please allow a moment for it to load, you won’t regret it!

Watch the video here:

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Isn’t that one of the cutest little videos ever?

The problem with videos like that is that they are so short!

The world needs longer videos of adorable Yorkies doing adorable Yorkie antics.

I am one hundred percent confident that everybody agrees!

One thing to be mentioned though, is that this is an unsafe position for the little Yorkie!

Of course, the owners of this Yorkie do not let their precious puppy ride like that all the time – only when they’re on their quiet road leading up to their property.

So every time dad pulls into his quiet road, the little Yorkie jumps up and prefers the car ride in the best seat in the house!

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If you bring your Yorkies with you when you go out in your car, do you use a special car seat for them? Let us know in the comments.

The thing about small dogs like Yorkies – they are fragile.

If your Yorkie does not have a proper car seat then you are putting their lives at greater risk than you need to…

Here is a top rated safety car seat for small dogs:

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After watching this video I just had an epiphany.

What if all angry drivers of the world had a neck Yorkie puppy like this one?

Do you think they would still be angry drivers? I think not!

Are Yorkies the solution to world road rage? I think this video answers that question.

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