Yorkie Puppy Adorably Stalks and Attacks Stuffed Animal

Yorkies are always finding new ways to make us not only smile, but laugh as well.

Just look at the below video for example, this Yorkie puppy is a natural performer and will make you laugh with no effort!

The stuffed animal on the floor has absolutely no chance when this little puppy sets his eyes on him.

I just adore the way he builds the suspense. It really makes this video so perfect!

Watch the video below:

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As I already mentioned that Yorkie is a natural performer!

He is so adorable with his cute little haircut, and the way he begins stalking the stuffed animal laying on the ground.

He should get a job working as a dog on movies and series.

And based on the state of current Hollywood movies – I would say he could be a major improvement!

This video was uploaded to The Yorkie Club on facebook.

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You can also upload your videos there and with your permission we may feature them here in the future!

It is so true when they say dogs are our best friends.

Yorkies always have a way of bringing joy to our lives.

I have lost count the amount of times I have been agitated or down and my Yorkies pick up on that and try and make me feel better.

Yorkies do that all the time though, just by looking at them we are unable not to smile!

This is why I love Yorkies so much!

Not only do they make us laugh like the little puppy in the video, but also they can make us happy when we are sad.

God bless Yorkies! And thank you God for bringing Yorkies to us on earth.


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