Yorkie Puppies Timelapse: Newborn to 2 weeks

Yorkie Puppies Timelapse: Newborn to 2 weeks - Featured image

Source: Youtube

I have always mentioned how Yorkshire Terrier puppies are the most adorable dog puppies out there.

In my unbiased opinion of course.

I believe the video proves my point because once you see these newborn puppies take their first days of life together you should instantly agree.

These newborn Yorkie puppies were recorded each day of their life for the first two weeks.

Each day you can see their progression and development. Along with their ridiculous level of cuteness.

Screenshot: Youtube

On Day 1 of their journey we can see them – so tiny and unremarkable!

However, as the days progress we can see them begin to explore and become curious of the life all around them.

Screenshot: Youtube

They are so innocent and sleepy!

At this stage of their life, they need constant warmth and milk from their mama.

It must be hard to resist the urge to film them all day and

Screenshot: Youtube

They look like little mice or some other baby animal – too cute for words!

In this initial two week period they are focused on growing and taking on new challenges with each passing day.

Screenshot: Youtube

The videographer did a great job to capture these puppies in their most adorable state.

This video truly makes me want a newborn Yorkie puppy of my own to take care of!

Watch the adorable video below:

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It is important to note that newborn Yorkie puppies do best when left with their mom. Especially during the first few months of life.

However, there have been cases where newborn puppies are rejected or ignored by their moms so in that case it would be okay for a human to try their best and take care of the puppy.

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