Yorkie Puppies Battle in Tug of War

Yorkie Puppies Battle in Tug of War featured image

Sources: Andree Adam via The Yorkie Club / Rumble

Have you ever played tug of war?

I am sure that, at some point in your life – probably in your childhood, you have.

Even if you haven’t, I am confident you know the rules of the game.

The Yorkie puppies in the video below are superb at the tug of war game.

They know the rules and boy, do they like to battle it out!

Watch the cute video here:

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Truth is, the Yorkies don’t literally know the rules of the game.

However, they do have instincts – and their puppy instincts tell them to fight it out.

To grab that piece of rope and pull as hard as possible to beat the other.

In the end the result is innocent fun and a cute video to watch.

When I got my first two Yorkies, they too played tug of war any chance they got.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any of it on camera but thankfully we have other people with Yorkies who do get these awesome things on camera!

When I got my third Yorkie, the first two were fully grown at that stage.

So it makes logical sense that they would stop playing all the time and start doing more serious Yorkie things.

For example: begging for treats, patrolling the outside yard for geckos, birds or anything else that doesn’t really fight back.

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