Yorkie Protecting Her Daddy from Mommy

Gracie the Yorkie loves cuddling with her daddy.

In fact she loves it so much that if anyone tries to disturb them she becomes extremely feisty!

Some people have claimed that if a Yorkie does this behaviour it should be nipped in the bud and stopped.

I for one think it is adorable and hilarious. I mean Yorkies are so small and seeing them get all angry in their own little way is beyond cute.

However – it can lead to biting and nipping of people and other pets in the future if it is not corrected so people do have a point.

The video is below – judge for yourself!

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I thought I would share some helpful information for those who have Yorkies who bite or get angry and want that behaviour to stop.

Continue reading below to help solve this issue:

The first piece of advice I can offer is to find out why your Yorkie is biting.

The reason is that – depending on why she is biting determines the course of action you must take.

Your Yorkie could be playing with you, she could be teething or she could be reacting out of fear, anger or even joy.

Firstly when you do play with your Yorkie, you should remove your hand from the equation. Your Yorkie will think of your hand as another toy she can do whatever she wants to with – this is particularly true if you are playing “aggressively” with them.

Next you will want to invest in real toys – chew toys, bones or other toys that she can sink her teeth into.

Below is a toy I recommend:

In the future when your Yorkshire Terrier starts to bite your hand – replace it with a toy instead.

She will understand!

I hope some of these tips may help you identify and thereby stop any biting problems you may have with your Yorkie.

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