Yorkie Politely Asks Mom for Handshake

What makes a Yorkshire Terrier so special? Besides the obvious: being their small stature adorned with glossy silver and champagne hair, highlighting those cheeky little faces, but what I’ve found to be the most special thing about them, is their deeply loving and gentle nature.

Yorkie Politely Asks Mom for a Handshake Featured Image

Source: Claudia Pedraza via The Yorkie Club / Rumble

Sure, they can be feisty when need be, definitely playful and indeed demanding, especially if it’s supper time and you have yet to serve them!

But there is also a truly magical side to them; it’s
innocent and sweet, and if you stop for a moment to notice it, it can remind you to be more gentle with life. Remind you that nature, animals and us awkward human beings are all connected by an active love.

Watch the adorable video below:

In this only 7 second video where a very handsome Yorkie reaches out his perfect little paw for his owner to ‘shake’, I see this innocent and sweet nature clearly displayed, and it reminds me
to stop.

To stop stressing and fussing about all the things I ‘must’ get done, to stop mulling over in my head how I think this person mistreated me, to stop giving in to fear. It reminds me to be still.

Because when you’re still you see all that you were missing, and you see how gentle and easy the love that we are all a part of actually is.

I realize to some this may seem an overreaching reaction, but I implore of those ‘some’ to stop for a moment and watch a video of a gorgeous little Yorkie reaching out their paw and looking up
with shy loving eyes at their friend, their caretaker, their large clumsy human being that she trusts her life to. Allow something seemingly simple to speak its important truth; pure love.

Let the often unnoticed offerings of gentle love become noticed and valued, because it’s in these offerings that we connect to the true nature of love and therefore to healing, to joy, to hope. It is this love that tethers all that we and this biodiverse planet are.


“Of course my sweet pup. I love you.”

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