Yorkie Opens Kennel Door After Getting in Trouble

source: Nicey Profit via The Yorkie Club

Yorkies truly are the most dangerous of dogs.

Why do I say this? Well, when you look as adorable as a Yorkshire Terrier you can pretty much get away with murder.

That is why Yorkies get spoilt so much by their parents – I am guilty of this too!

In the video below, we have a Yorkie who looks as innocent as ever – but he is a guilty Yorkie.

He got caught red handed going to the bathroom all over his Mom’s purse.

His mom then grabbed the camera and filmed his reaction to being caught in the act!

Watch the video below:

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Was that not the cutest thing ever? He felt so guilty he opened the door to his little kennel himself.

Honestly I am so glad his momma got that on video!

This Yorkie is truly one of the cutest characters we have featured on this website.

From his little haircut to his obviously sensitive nature I have watched the video too many times to count.

It is so cute how he doesn’t even dare to look at the camera.

He simply sits and probably feels really bad about it! Poor little guy.

Has your Yorkie ever done their business on your purse? Tell us in the comments section!

This video was originally uploaded to The Yorkie Club on Facebook.

We have over 76 000 members and you are welcome to join by clicking here.

This video further proves my belief that Yorkies are one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

I don’t know of that many other dogs that can open their own kennel with their paws.

Either way – that short video was surely too adorable not to enjoy.

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