Yorkie Loves Riding Bicycle with Mom

Media: Kaycee Blanchard in The Yorkie Club

Have you ever heard of a Yorkie on a bike?

I’ve seen Yorkies in strollers, backpacks and handbags. I’ve never seen a Yorkie in a bicycle though.

Good for her! Exercise is always important and you can tell in the video below she is having fun too.

Yorkies can produce a lot of energy and need to expel it, bare in mind that a small walk around the block is a sufficient walk for a tiny Yorkie.

The Yorkie in the video below loves to cycle with her mom! It is the cutest thing ever.

Watch the video below:

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Even though the Yorkie in the bicycle isn’t actively moving, she is still getting mental stimulation.

Not to mention, it requires a fair bit of effort for the Yorkie to balance in that little basket.

You can tell however, this Yorkie totally loves this.

And why wouldn’t she? It is such a beautiful video – the scenery, the peace and the cute Yorkie of course.

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Have you ever tried cycling with your Yorkie? Probably not.

I don’t blame you, not everyone has a bicycle with a good sized basket on the front and not all Yorkies would enjoy that I’m sure.

This Yorkie is totally happy though – watch the video again if you are unsure!

With regards to exercise, I try go for a walk every second day – otherwise however, walking around the house and being active during the day is important too.

In the house I play with my Yorkie every day and make sure he is totally active unless he doesn’t want to be.

When I go for a walk I obviously bring my Yorkie – I make sure to always keep him leashed up.

There are many other dogs in my area and my Yorkie has a habit of barking at every one of them when we walk past their houses.

I’m sure if one of those dogs got a chance, they’d like to return the favor.

The problem with other dogs is they are unpredictable and since our Yorkies are so delicate we must take no chances.

Always keep your Yorkies leashed up and always be alert when out of your property!

Be ready to scoop up your little Yorkie in an instant if you see a large dog nearby.

This is a tip that has saved the life of my friend’s Yorkie!

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