3-Year-Old kept safe by Yorkie after Getting Lost in Cornfield Overnight

3-Year-Old kept safe by Yorkie after Getting Lost in Cornfield Overnight

After enjoying the sunshine and swing set in her front yard, a 3 year old named Remy wandered off into the gargantuan cornfield that surrounded their property.

The 3 year old’s mother was understandably worried when she went outside and Remy was gone.

She immediately contacted authorities and a police deputy was sent out to the family farm.

As minutes turned into hours, over 100 people were involved in the search for the missing child.

The only positive thing about this situation was that Remy was not alone, she had her darling Yorkshire Terrier at her side the entire time.

By nightfall hope was starting to dwindle but of course no one was willing to give up the search.

It took all the way until the next day for people to stumble upon Remy and her Yorkie, named Heath.

Remy was asleep and Heath was right next to her protecting the 3 year old as she slept.

Obviously it was a happy ending because both the Yorkie and his favorite human Remy were found in and amongst the 8 foot high corn stalks.

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I for one am so glad this has a happy ending because there is so much negativity in the world and any number of bad outcomes could have occured!

Thank the Lord above for blessing the family with Heath the Yorkie.

Yorkies are so naturally awesome. Heath could have left and wandered back to the warm house but he knew that staying with Remy was the right thing to do.

To keep her safe and to be there for her so she was not alone.

It is unfortunate that events like this happen, but they do!

Make sure you keep your children and Yorkies safe because any number of other terrible outcomes could have happened.

I am certainly not blaming the mother here, but come on – if your house is surrounded by a giant corn field you probably should be keeping an eye on your 3 year old child a bit more attentively.

The mother is lucky nothing bad happened to her child OR her Yorkie!

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