Yorkie is Towed on Toy Car by his Human Brother

Yorkie is towed on toy car by human brother riding bicycle - featured image

Media source: The Yorkie Club

In the video below you will see something you’ve probably never seen before! It’s a video of a Yorkie riding a toy car that is being towed by his human brother.

The Yorkshire Terrier’s human brother is riding a toy tricycle. I wonder how they got the Yorkie to be so calm and relaxed on a toy car – he fits so well in the driver’s seat like it was built for him.

It sounds exactly as is described. I am in love with the video because it is so rare to see. It also helps that the video is adorable!

The Yorkie’s human brother is so good the way he steers and makes sure his Yorkie sibling is safe and having a good time. The parents of these two must be really proud – I know for a fact I would be.

Normally if you try and place a dog in a situation like this they would jump off or definitely not be as calm, so the fact that this video even exists is truly something special!

The video is below, please allow a moment for it to load – it will absolutely be worth it.

Watch the video below:

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As I mentioned above, it is certainly not often we get to see an awesome video like this. Be sure to share it with your friends and family as it would surely make them smile!

This video was originally uploaded to The Yorkie Club – a really great group on facebook. Click here if you would like to join!

Does your Yorkie ever do anything cool like this? We would love to know in the comments section below.

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