Cute Yorkie is an expert at “the floor is lava” game!

Cute Yorkie is an expert at "the floor is lava" game - featured image

This Yorkie named Deborah is having fun with her parents. They have successfully taught her to play “the floor is lava” game. And she is such a superstar at it!

Scroll down for the video.

I can remember playing this myself as a child with my siblings.

But wow Deborah takes it to a whole new level, she is so small yet she is so agile. In fact I would even say she is quite graceful!

Watching her have so much fun makes me feel warm inside – I feel like I am there with her and I’m having that fun too.

We could all take a lesson from our Yorkies in life – and that is: Do not take life so seriously!

I love the way she gets all excited and happy when her daddy approaches and pets her for doing such a good job.

We must always reward our Yorkies when they do a good job – no matter how small. The reward should be at the minimum a lot of hugs and kisses or simply commending them with your voice.

You can also give them treats for when they do really cool things like tricks or dog training exercises – Just thought I would mention that because I know it will bring happiness to you and your Yorkie’s hearts!

There is only one word to describe this video and that is: Adorableness!

Deborah the Yorkie has been featured on this website many times:

From when she was a puppy being introduced to her Ferret brother

To years later when She plays hide and seek with her ferret siblings

One thing I can always say when seeing Deborah the Yorkie is that she is perfect for the camera.

She is such an energetic little bundle of cuteness and her ferret brothers are pretty cool too!

Watch the video below:


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