Yorkie Stalks Deer. Then Attacks!

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This Yorkie was minding his own business when suddenly a wild deer encroached on it’s territory.

Yorkie: Everything under the sun IS MY DOMAIN!

Deer: I just want to eat some apples and grass. Leave me alone!

This video demonstrates the absolutely well-known fact that Yorkies are bigger in heart than they are in size – Only a Yorkie would take on a deer.

No other dog of such small stature would dare it!

That poor deer didn’t know what hit it.

It was just enjoying the sunshine and grass, wondering what it’s going to do next with its busy schedule and boom. A wild Yorkie appears!

The deer could have not reacted any better though – instead of standing its ground it knew it had to run for its life.

Due to the fact a territorial Yorkshire Terrier was giving chase!

You never want to mess with a Yorkie – this video is evidence of that.

The way it runs is hilarious considering the tiny creature that is stalking and then chasing it.

Beware: Even though this video is adorable and hilarious, a deer could easily crush or injure a Yorkie just due to its sheer size and weight.

The last thing I would ever want to hear about is a poor Yorkie being let out into its yard and it getting hurt by a large animal.

So please, in the future – keep your Yorkies close by and safe.
Especially if you know there are wild animals in the vicinity.

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