Yorkie Hilariously Tries to Swim in Mid-Air

Yorkie Hilariously Tries to Swim in Mid-Air featured image

Source: Rumble / Jackey Flores

In the video featured below we get to see a hilariously adorable Yorkshire Terrier trying to swim while being carried by his owner in mid-air.

It is pretty adorable watching his frivolous leg movements while being held closely by his human

Words can’t do the video justice – you’re going to have to watch it to enjoy it!

You can watch the video here:

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It is actually quite common for dogs to do this.

Dogs will perform a mid-air doggy paddle in preparation of the incoming likelihood of touching water.

It is extremely cute – that much is undeniable.

In fact, you could try this and get similar results just by holding your Yorkie in your arms just like in the video over a running faucet.

It always looks just as hilarious as this though.

The video featured here was originally uploaded to The Yorkie Club.

The Yorkie Club is Facebook’s biggest and best Yorkie group.

Feel free to join and submit videos of your Yorkies doing adorable and hilarious things!

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If you are around water and you want to ensure your Yorkies safety, please remember to get them some sort of doggy life vest.

In fact, I found one on Amazon and have inserted it below:

The above lifejacket is made for small dogs and is used to keep them floating upright in case of any emergency.

It is also very highly rated which you can see for yourself.

I know how important the health and safety of our Yorkies is.

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