Tiny Yorkie Helps Farmers Herd Goats

Alta van Staden / Facebook

Step aside sheep dogs your job has been taken!

I was browsing through my Facebook feed one day and the world’s greatest video appeared before my eyes.

The video was of a Yorkshire Terrier who enjoys helping out dad on the farm.

Specifically, this little Yorkie actually herds the goats and is excellent at her job!


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There you have it and not a moment of your life was wasted.

I am sure you agree with me when I say that this Yorkie is totally an amazing little helper!

Border Collies better move out the way because this little Yorkie is taking their job.

This video is probably 2022’s most amazing Yorkie video.

I can not put into words the amazement I feel when I see this Yorkie!

She runs around looking up at mom and dad for approval then off she goes herding the goats!

She barks and puts them in line while they blindly accept being told what to do by a tiny Yorkshire Terrier.

I must say though that this Yorkie is so totally brave.

It is commonly known that Yorkies are larger than life especially with regard to their personalities.

This Yorkie totally outshines all other larger than life dogs!

So there you have it, a Yorkshire Terrier who herds farm animals.

What is next… A police sniffer cat?

All jokes aside though – now you know what to do the next time you find yourself surrounded by a bunch of goats.

Let your Yorkie loose and maybe your Yorkie is a naturally gifted livestock herder too!

The only reason I wouldn’t try this at home is because my Yorkies are too small for me to be comfortable with them being surrounded by goats!

Also I don’t have any goats.

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Thank you for reading. This will surely make everybody who sees it laugh for hours!

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