Yorkie Has Time of His Life in the Snow 

Yorkie Has Time of His Life in the Snow Featured Image

Credit: Andrew Steinborn via The Yorkie Club / Rumble 

Below we have a special video featuring a Yorkie who totally loves life! 

This Yorkie is captured on video having the most fun I have ever seen while out in the snow. 

You would think that Yorkies, who are not covered in thick fur or coating like other dogs wouldn’t enjoy the snow but you’d be surprised! 

Watch the video below: 

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As I said before, who’d have thought that Yorkies who are so small and delicate are capable of not only dealing with snow but also can enjoy it! 

In my opinion we should all at least one lesson from this Yorkie. 

Have fun even during bad weather 

This can have meaning in the real world, not just with physical weather. 

Sometimes when life gets tough, we all feel negative emotions – instead of thinking about the tough times we should simply act!  

Just like the Yorkie in the video above, who decided he was going to run and enjoy the snow! 

Do your Yorkies enjoy the snow just like the Yorkie in the video? 

Let us know in the comments section! We would love to hear from you. 

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Thank you for watching the video! 

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