Yorkie Gives Mom an Adorable Gift

Source: Zivile Nijim in TheYorkieClub

Who said Yorkies were gonna be demanding?

I can’t seem to recall hearing about this fact until after I got my Yorkies.

I probably did read about it, but I didn’t take any note on what that exactly meant.

Nevertheless, below is a video showing a pretty Yorkie demanding that mom puts their stuffed toy up on the couch too!

Explaining the video can’t do any justice.

Watch the video for yourself below!

I totally love that Yorkie’s grooming style.

Almost looks like a tiny lion!

Don’t ever tell your Yorkie that they’re tiny though. You will never hear the end of it.

More to the point, your Yorkie will prove to you that they are actually in fact HUGE.

The best advice I can give to new Yorkie parents is to accept that your house has a new boss now.

So, just like in the video – if your Yorkie demands you put their favorite toy next to you.

You better do it!

It doesn’t matter that you’re watching your favorite Netflix show. When your Yorkie motions for you to do something, the only option is to do it.

Otherwise, you will feel guilty beyond comprehension.

Yorkies have a way of simply looking at us, with a glance that weakens our resolve and makes us submit to their every desire.

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