Yorkie Gets Very Excited at the Groomers

Source: YouTube

In the video below you will see a tiny adorable Yorkie go from a hairy mess to a not so hairy mess.

The groomer in the video is excellent and the Yorkie has such a good time!

The Yorkie’s name is Milo and he truly is an adorable baby.

“He is smaller than the shampoo bottle.”

Screenshot: YouTube

He is only 2 pounds! What a tiny dog.

This video is truly adorable and you will fall in love with Milo the Yorkie in an instant!

Watch the video here:

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That little Yorkie is so adorable.

It is physically impossible not to agree. Go ahead and try find someone who doesn’t agree – you will be searching for your entire life.

This video makes me smile so much because the Yorkie is just so lovable and happy.

Even during the washing phase he is still a happy little boy and not much fuss when it comes to the groomer doing her job.

What do you do to groom your Yorkie?

Do you take them to a professional dog groomer? Or do you try doing it at home yourself?

Let us know in the comments!

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The groomer in the video is really good at her job.

She grooms all kinds of dogs and even cats!

You can check out her channel here.

I love the way she is so gentle and happy doing the grooming. Of course, when you are grooming a Yorkie as adorable as Milo here, it is totally expected.

Milo looks like such a good boy but you can tell he is also a momma’s boy.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with being a momma’s boy when you are an adorable little Yorkie.

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