Yorkie Gets Ready To Go Outside. Until She Sees the Snow

Yorkie Gets Ready To Go Outside. Until She Sees the Snow featured image

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The Yorkie in the short video below will have you laughing pretty soon.

Her reaction when she sees the snow outside is quite priceless.

She is so cute in her little sweater, all ready to run around outside and then the door opens when suddenly she notices the snowfall on the ground.

Watch the video here:

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Have your Yorkies ever been in the snow before?

How did they respond? Some Yorkies quite like the snow and have fun in it.

Other Yorkies however, like the one in the video above – could not be bothered with it.

The comfort of the warm home inside is much better for them!

Speaking of which, when your Yorkie needs to be outside or in a cold situation you should probably remember that they can get cold easily.

The last thing we should want as Yorkie parents is to expose our Yorkies to danger, and the cold is no joke!

Below is a highly rated item from Amazon:

I use it with my Yorkies if the weather gets a bit too cold.

The nice thing about it is that it has protection for the neck and the ears which are most at risk of cold exposure.

As Yorkie owners we need to make sure we take care of our Yorkies like our children!

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So the next time you take your Yorkies to an area where it may get cold, make sure they are kept warm and covered.

The problem with pets is that they do not communicate the way us humans do.

Animals can not speak human languages.

Therefore, we need to be extra mindful and aware of our pets behaviour, temperament, the way they respond to us and if their diet changes in any way.

Diet is a common indicator of something not being right.

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