Yorkie Desperately tries to break into Fridge

Yorkie desperately tries to break into fridge featured image

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In the video below you will see a curious little Yorkie try her absolute best to break into the fridge.

Unfortunately for the little Yorkie, fridges don’t really budge when you try and open them like that!

The video is so cute I know you are going to enjoy it.

Watch the video below:

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The fridge-felon above is pretty adorable. Knowing how frivolous her attempts at trying to get into the fridge are makes it hilarious to watch.

I am genuinely curious as to what the reason could be that she is so adamant on gaining access to the fridge!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments sections!

My best guess is that there is some nice smelling food in the fridge.

Another possible answer is that this Yorkie has self esteem issues and does not like the way she looks in her reflection!

All jokes aside though, I have seen dogs do this when they notice mice or rats in the house. The little rodents hide under fridges and among appliances.

If you have Yorkshire Terriers in your house – any rat or mouse is in very dangerous territory as Yorkies were literally bred to exterminate them in the past.

Yorkies are very smart and fast, along with being agile and even aggressive at times.

So if any household pests are present when Yorkies are around, they will learn fast that Yorkies own the house!

I have added a top rated humane mouse trap from Amazon below:

The above trap is designed not to kill the rodent, so you can release them away from your property and not have to deal with cleaning up a mess.

Plus you don’t want your Yorkies to eat rodents – some carry diseases!

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