Yorkie Crawls on Two legs After Every Bath

Screenshot: Youtube

Every single time this Yorkie gets a bath she does a hilarious routine of crawling on two legs.

For some reason she simply drags her tiny body on the carpet – she seems to enjoy it.

It is honestly pretty funny to watch.

You will absolutely love the video below:

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From the uploader “My silly Yorkie does this after every bath and haircut. She keeps us entertained, that’s for sure!”

Our Yorkies always find a way to keep us entertained – through their adorableness or just with their pure character.

Each Yorkie is totally different from other Yorkies: all with their own personality and temper.

So, while they may look very similar on the surface, there is so much more to look at when you make the amazing decision to bring one into your home.

If you read my articles you know I have three Yorkies myself.

I always encourage people to get Yorkies: and if you can, you should try look at dog rescues to adopt Yorkies or other dogs who need love and a family to care for them.

I always say this to people: Imagine if every person on the planet grew up with a Yorkie in their life.

In truth – who knows how different the world would be. I am sure however, that the world would be much happier and more positive.

I know I am not the only person who agrees with this because Yorkshire Terriers are fast becoming the most popular dog in the world.

All over, families are deciding that Yorkies are the best choice when it comes to bringing a dog into their homes.

And with this – my statement of the world being more positive and happier with more Yorkies shall come true!

It’s only basic science!

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