Yorkie Constantly Demands More Attention from Mom

Sources: Rumble / Jeaneki Lee

In the video below, we have a cute Yorkie having his hair brushed by his mom.

Whenever his mom stops giving him cuddles then he gives her a serious look!

It’s so funny but words can’t do the video justice.

Watch the video below:

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Just watching the little Yorkie lying on his mama’s lap having his hair stroked is very relaxing.

It is no wonder as to why he loves it so much!

If I had someone to brush my hair every day as I lie down, I’d probably react the exact same way.

But I am not complaining, I have three Yorkies myself, so I am never alone!

Come to think of it, whenever my Yorkies are watching TV with me and I’m brushing their hair, they often give me quite the look once I stop too.

It’s adorable!

It’s almost as cute as the Yorkie in this video.

Screenshot: Rumble / Jeaneki Lee

How can anybody resist those adorable soulful eyes? It’s physically impossible.

I really do feel that all humans have one weakness. That weakness is Yorkie cuteness!

Yorkies can conquer entire houses full of humans and convert them to being Yorkie lovers.

There are countless stories of humans who never liked dogs being introduced to a Yorkshire Terrier and suddenly become dog’s best friend!

That’s why Yorkies are quickly outranking every other dog breed in terms of popularity.

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