Yorkie Needs to Work for Her Treat!

When mama tells you to go to bed. You have to go to bed.

That is the main takeaway from this video! I’m laughing so hard because It’s so cute!

The poor Yorkie stood no chance when faced with the temptation of beautiful food.

“If you listen to mama, I am going to give this to you.”

“Be a good girl.”

This video is so cute I have no words, the way the little Yorkie stares innocently at the lady behind the camera. The adorableness is enough to leave me speechless for once.

It’s no secret that Yorkies love food – even with their small frames it’s amusing to watch their antics when delicious food is around.

The head tilt is what gets me every time.

“Before I give this to you, I want you to roll over for mama.” “Come on! Roll over for mama.”

I love the way she jumps in the air in anticipation, trying desperately to perform correctly in order to get the prize which is the beautiful Rib meal!

Watch the video below:

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Just a word of caution: In general, do not give your Yorkies ribs. Bones are dangerous for dogs especially small dogs. In some instances it may be fine but generally we should be feeding them high quality healthy food!

A treat every now and again is Okay. In this instance the owner is watching the Yorkie while she eats it just in case – so it is fine, but yes rather be safe than sorry.

The last thing any of us want to happen is indigestion or even worse, simply because we wanted to give our Yorkie some delicious human food.

In fact a good general rule is to never give your Yorkie human food. As Yorkies are actually prone to digestive system issues and anything other than high quality dog food formulated for Yorkshire Terriers is akin to asking for trouble.

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