Why are Yorkies so Cute?

Belinda Phillips, Jessica Chien / TheYorkieClub

Besides looking like adorable teddies that live, Yorkshire Terriers are way more than their undoubtedly adorable appearance.

You already knew that though.

What you didn’t know is that there are scientific reasons for why Yorkies and many other small animals are so irresistibly adorable to us.

Photo: freeimages

It’s called ‘Baby Schema’

A group of characteristics that appeal to us as humans.

These characteristics poke at our empathetic heart strings when we see a cute seemingly helpless baby.

Whether it be a human baby or a small animal like a Yorkie, we all feel similar emotions when we observe them with our senses.

It doesn’t only affect our eyes though, the sound of a baby crying or a dog whining and whimpering in sadness is truly heartbreaking to hear.

Did you ever stop and wonder why though?

It’s because of the aforementioned ‘Baby Schema’.

We notice the cuteness because naturally human babies are born utterly helpless.

Without even realising it, our brains make the connection that this tiny little animal is also a helpless baby who needs our love.

And when you look as adorable as a Yorkie then all the boxes are checked when it comes to cuteness.

The sound of a frustrated or overly dramatic Yorkie trying to communicate with us because we’re leaving the house for 5 minutes is the exact sound I’m referring to.

Baby Schema is not a bad thing. If it didn’t exist then we would not care for babies the way we do and that would not be a great world to live in.

Not to mention, the happiness that comes with bringing a Yorkie baby into your home is incomparable to the happiness of anything else.

With the exception of course being human babies! They’re cute too.

Just not as cute as Yorkies.


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