What It’s Like to Have a Yorkie Puppy

This is a short and cute video from a Yorkie owner showing her experience driving with her high maintenance Yorkie.

“If you are ever thinking of getting one. This is what it’s like driving with them.”

Now, we can see from the video that this Yorkie is scared and excited. Naturally – being in a car and unfamiliar outside environment, it is 100% normal for a Yorkie to be acting this way.

However, let us not forget that every Yorkie owner who drives with their Yorkie should try and do everything they can to prevent any injury to their Yorkie in the car.

What do I mean by this?

Well, no one plans for a car accident. That is why it is called an accident.

The problem is, when a dog is in the car, especially a small dog – like our Yorkies. If they are not secured in a car seat or something – they can get severely injured due to the force of a car accident.

It has happened many times and unfortunately by the time it happens it is too late.

At the least, your Yorkie will be petrified of being in a car for the rest of their lives. At the worst – well we know how bad car accidents can be…

Below I have placed a high quality car seat specifically for Yorkies and small pets that will minimize any severe damage in the event of an accident.

The car seat is extremely well rated on Amazon and you can get it by clicking here.

As I mentioned before. We need to educate Yorkie owners on the best practices involved with taking care of Yorkies.

One thing we should all do is at the least, have a car seat for our Yorkies.

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