Two Yorkie Puppies Wrestle Each Other

Sources: Rosalee Schwartz via The Yorkie Club / Rumble

In the video below we get to watch two adorable Yorkshire Terrier puppies playing.

At first glance it looks like they are wrestling!

But enough talking about it, watch the video below:

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What is it about puppies that make us all lower our guard and smile?

Is it their innocence, their tiny bodies, or is it just their palpable adorableness.

The truth is that – the answer is a combination of those three.

Seeing a puppy makes us all think of the absolute innocence that life has to offer. You pretty much cannot get any more innocent than a puppy.

Especially Yorkie puppies! Obviously, this being a Yorkie website and all – it goes without saying that we love Yorkies. But also, I am unbiased! I promise you.

When I say Yorkies are the best dogs and Yorkie puppies are the cutest puppies, I mean it.

It is a simple series of facts, not opinion!

Did you notice how the two puppies in the video are fully clothed like human babies?

It’s pretty funny when I see dogs wearing clothing.

I personally don’t see any harm in it. Unless of course the dog is overheating or is uncomfortable.

The sad and notable part about this though, is that the only way a dog can communicate that they are uncomfortable is through stress reactions.

These include barking, grinding their feet on the floor, rolling around, running around uncontrollably and obviously attempting to bite or claw at the clothing itself!

If you dress your furbabies in clothes, make sure to be aware of the temperature in the house. Or, if you’re outside make sure it is not too humid.

Dogs are covered in layers of hair, Yorkies have beautiful hair that isn’t thick so in reality Yorkies are pretty ideal dogs to wear clothing.

You can search online for Yorkie clothing here.

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