Today is my 2nd Birthday!!

Hi everyone, guess what? Today is my second birthday

I knew it was a special day when I woke up this morning. Lots of kisses and belly rubs from mommy. mommy said she had some surprises for me today.

First surprise was a ride to Starbucks where I got a puppacino, YUM!

Then mommy took us for a ride to see the horses….I wish I could get close and become their friend but my younger sister barks at them then mommy took me to the pet store, I picked out some treats and mommy bought a cookie for me and guess what it is….a horse lol.

Now we are home and I now need a nap. I wonder what mommy has in store for me later this afternoon I’m pretty sure I’ll get my favorite supper tonight, scrambled eggs!

Special Thanks to Linda Chabot in The Yorkie Club for celebrating their birthday!

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