This Tiny Parti Yorkie is 8-Weeks-Old

This Tiny Parti Yorkie is 8-Weeks-Old - opening image

If you’ve never seen a Parti Yorkie puppy then I’m sure you have just fallen in love.

Being 8 weeks old, these puppies are at a stage where they look like teddy bears and are developing their giant personalities too.

Playing is the goal of the day when it comes to an 8 week old Yorkie puppy. In fact, all baby animals want to play – the entire world is one big game. And I think we as humans could learn a thing or two from this!

Let me know in the comments below how many Yorkie puppies you identified. I’m sure like me, you are interested to learn more about this particular type of Yorkie puppy so below I will give some interesting facts about them.

For now though, enjoy the video below:

Here is some information about Parti Yorkies:


Parti Yorkies differ from ‘regular’ Yorkies by the colour of their fur. Big difference right? Nope, Traditional Yorkies are usually tan and black while Parti Yorkies can be white, black, tan, chocolate or brown. However usually a combination of white, tan and black as seen below.

The history of Parti Yorkies is quite sad. As in the past, breeders would shun Parti Yorkies as they weren’t considered proper Yorkies.

Many Parti Yorkie puppies were put down or given away just because of their slight deviation in colour.

Horrible right!?

Now however, Parti Yorkies are sought after and are even highly valued in comparison to traditional Yorkie puppies – which is why they cost more when you buy them.

I own one Parti Yorkie and his name is Jasper. I have shared many photos of him in my our facebook group. You are welcome to join the group. We have 59 000 members and would love to have you too!

We love to share stories, photos, videos and ask questions that we have about Yorkies. So come by and say Hi!

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