These Yorkies Really Love Their Little Staircase

These Yorkies Really Love Their Little Staircase thumbnail

Credit: Lynn H Hinkens via The Yorkie Club / Rumble

If you have ever lived in a home with a Yorkie, I’m sure you are aware of the fact that they are always curious.

Much like a most dogs, Yorkies will check out everything that they can – especially if it’s new.

The Yorkie family in the video below are a sterling example.

Once their mom gets out the camera all the Yorkies in the house have fun going up and down their bed steps.

The amount of Yorkies in the video is honestly too much for me to count!

All I know for sure is that they totally love their staircase. It really helps them get on the bed!

Watch the video below:

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How many Yorkies did you count? Honestly that is such a cute big family.

You can tell that these Yorkies totally run their house! The sheer amount of attention and patience that is required to keep all those Yorkies must be astounding.

However, we all know that with the more Yorkies you have – the merrier things can be.

If you have Yorkies and a bed then you probably know that your Yorkies may benefit from having a little staircase just like this.

Not only does it help their joints but also allow them more ease of access to your bed so that they will be less stressed.

I found a well rated and safe stair case for Yorkies on Amazon.

Take a look below:

This video makes my heart melt because it is truly one of the most adorable videos I have ever seen!

The Yorkies are all wearing cute little jackets and are just staring up at their mom with such cute little faces.

If you only watched the video once, go back and watch it again! Try and count how many Yorkies you can see.

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This video would totally brighten any person’s day.

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