These are the Cutest Yorkies on the Internet

The word “adorable” is all you’ll be thinking as you watch the video below.

Our fearless Yorkies are forever providing us with adorable moments, loyal companionship and unconditional love and affection.  Today, we are focussing on those adorable moments.

Screenshot: Youtube

Although small in stature, they are certainly not small in personality! Each Yorkie has their own unique personality, but the one thing they all have in common, is their ability to constantly engage in mischievous behaviour that make us swoon over how cute they are. Each of our furbabies have their own quirks that make us fall in love with them, over and over.

Whether they are keeping you company on the couch, watching their favourite TV show or taking on their favourite stuffed animal(that is often bigger than they are!), our little Yorkies are constantly bringing us endless smiles from ear to ear.

If you haven’t yet had your daily dose of cuteness overload, you’d best prepare yourself as the compilation below will brighten your day.

Screenshot: Youtube

Between their playfulness and curiosity, they are sure to keep themselves, and their Yorkie parents entertained for hours. It is clear from the video, that their size does not matter to them, and their need for a new adventure or letting that stuffed animal know who the boss is, will constantly create new moments of absolute cuteness.

Some of the moments that stand out for me in this video was seeing the absolute joy in their faces, with those wagging tails, when attacking their toys, or windscreen wipers, or balloons. Whether they are enjoying a treat or annoying their feline sibling, their individual quirks are always on full display.

We hope you enjoy the video:

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Screenshot: Youtube

Those Yorkies were so adorable that I may just end up getting myself one more Yorkie! These videos make me want as many Yorkies as possible. I cannot help myself! They are just so cute.

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