Teaching a Yorkie Puppy Tricks

Teaching a Yorkie Puppy Tricks

Source: Paxton Yorkie via YouTube

Hi! I’m Paxton. I’m an adorable Yorkie who is loved very much by my mama and daddy.

I’ve been training my parents to give me treats when I do some basic tricks for them.

They are so easily manipulated.

Watch exactly what I am talking about in the video below:

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As you can see, my parents are totally under my control. The only thing they provide is treats. I provide everything else!

Paxton the Yorkie is probably one of the top three cutest Yorkies on YouTube.

You can see more videos on his channel here.

My favorite part of the video is when he is trotting around the shoes on the ground. It is so cute!

When training your Yorkie, you should make sure to read these tips.

Though if you don’t want to, below is a brief background.

Training a Yorkie:

There are a number of reasons that you may want to train your Yorkie.

From potty training to tricks to simply stop barking as much, I understand why you would be interested.

First thing to remember is that positive reinforcement is the key. Never be mad or show any negativity toward your Yorkie! They can easily pick up on it.

The basic principle is that you want to give your Yorkie a treat once they have performed the correct action. This will communicate to them that you want them to do it again. And if they do it again, they will be rewarded with a treat!

You can also give them kisses and use a high pitched encouraging voice tone – they will get excited and know that you are happy with them.

To read more specifics, please refer here.

If you are going to train your Yorkie then remember that Yorkies are smart, but they are not able to understand the languages we speak.

So, as a last point – make sure to have PATIENCE!

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