Stolen Yorkie Reunited with Owner 13 YEARS Later

Source: Apache Trail Animal Hospital

13 years ago a man in a truck stopped in front of Karen Fox’s home in Donelson, Tennessee.

The man proceeded to steal Connor the Yorkshire Terrier right out of the garden and sped off.

Karen Fox and her teenage son gave chase to the Yorkie thief in their own car but unfortunately the man got away.

The man was driving a red pickup truck and at the time, Connor the Yorkie was only 3 years old.

Karen Fox – Connor’s Yorkie mom is a veterinarian and she spent weeks searching and driving around their neighbourhood in search of Connor.

Unfortunately, there was no sign of him as the Yorkie thief had escaped.

Source: Apache Trail Animal Hospital

Then all of a sudden, in March 2021 Karen got a voicemail from the company which made the microchip she had used for Connor all those years ago.

She also received a phone call from Metro Nashville Animal Control which told her that they had Connor in their facility.

“It was pure, utter amazement! I’m still amazed!” Said Karen Fox

The Fox family had brought Connor into their lives when one of Karen’s clients could no longer take care of him.

Karen’s husband Tim loved Connor and was always fond of coming home from work and brushing him.

Source: Apache Trail Animal Hospital

Tragically, Tim died four years ago therefore he never knew that Connor was on his way back home…

“The most emotional thing for me is how much my husband would’ve loved for him to have come back home.”

Connor was found wandering the streets of the Bordeaux neighbourhood. A woman who noticed him put up found Yorkie posters all over but when no one phoned to pick Connor up she brought Connor to the animal rescue service.

After Connor’s microchip was scanned, Karen’s name was immediately presented to the Animal rescue personnel.

Even after all of these years, Connor remembers his old home and like a typical adorable Yorkie: follows Karen around the house.

Source: Apache Trail Animal Hospital

Karen’s veterinary practice, Apache Trail Animal Hospital shared the happy reunion story on Facebook.

Source: Apache Trail Animal Hospital

Connor wasn’t found in great condition unfortunately, with damaged teeth, infected eyes and a painful leg.

Karen however, is making sure he is being fully cared for and nursed back to health!

Being in the care of Karen, who is a veterinarian – I have absolutely no doubt that Connor is going to enjoy the rest of his life immensely.

Sources: Tennessean + MailOnline

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