Yorkie Refuses to Move when He Realizes His Walk is Over

source: YouTube

Snootie the Yorkie loves his daily walk. He loves it so much that he will do anything to prevent it from ending.

The only part of the walk he does not love is when the walk comes to an end.

But Snootie has to face that sad fact that all good things in life come to an end!

His mom got his reaction on film. Unfortunately for him – being 6 pounds / 2.5 kg does not help his attempt at resisting the end of their walk.

Before some of you say this is animal abuse, it’s not! This is a light-hearted video showing the true stubborn nature of the mysterious Yorkshire Terrier.

This is simply an adorable video and I empathise with little Snootie because daily walks definitely can be fun.

Luckily for us – his mama got his little tantrum on video so we can all laugh! Poor boy I feel his pain.

Watch the video below:

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Tips for Yorkie owners:

Yorkies have a lot of excess energy, therefore you must ensure they get their daily exercise.
Since they are so small it will not take long before their daily exercise limit is met – a simple walk around the block will be sufficient.

Yorkshire Terriers absolutely love experiencing new things, a walk in your neighbourhood is a great way to stimulate their minds and bodies. From all the new sights, to smells to sounds – it is no wonder Snootie is so opposed to having his daily walk cut short!

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