Sleepy Yorkie Gets REALLY Excited when Daddy Arrives Home

Zola Belle is an adorable Yorkshire Terrier who loves doing everyday Yorkie things.

From eating to sleeping to playing, but the one thing she is known for around her house is her reaction to when her dad comes home from work!

She is so cute the way she is asleep on her mom’s lap – and when she hears the garage door opening which indicates her daddy has arrived…

Her reaction is priceless!

Watch the video below:

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Pretty much instantly she hears the sound of the garage, her eyes begin to open and she is up!

Instantaneously alert and ready to investigate. When she confirms it’s her daddy she is like a child on Christmas morning.

So much excitement and joy all wrapped into one tiny package. Such is life when you live with Yorkies!

This is what I have been telling people for years.

Everybody should get a Yorkie in their house – There is nothing quite like the unconditional love a Yorkshire Terrier can give.

From the moment you wake up they are there beside you ready to make you smile.

To the time you get home they are instantly overwhelmed with happiness just at the mere sight or sound of you.

It is truly an experience everybody should have.

Whenever I leave the house I make sure to get my three Yorkies’ toys ready so that they are stimulated and entertained while I am gone.

Below I have added an interactive toy I use:

Upon arriving home, every single time I am greeted with nothing but love and joy.

Imagine if all the sad and angry people of the planet had the love of a Yorkie to help them overcome their issues? The world would be a much, much better place!

Are Yorkies the solution to global peace? I believe so!

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