Siberian Husky Pranked by Scary Bigfoot

When dad bought a Bigfoot mannequin he had one thing in mind.

Pranking his incredibly expressive Siberian Husky.

Of course, pranking a dog such as a Husky is bound to come with an incredible reaction!

I’m just glad he got it all on film.

See for yourself in the video below:

Now I am sure this video made you laugh, because it made me laugh so hard my dogs all thought I was having a fit!

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This video encapsulates why Huskies are such awesome dogs to have, there is absolutely never a dull moment when it comes to bringing a Siberian Husky into your home.

Growing up, we had two Siberian Huskies in our house and not only did I always feel safe but I always felt connected to them considering their personalities really do reflect that of human children.

I wish my house was big enough to own a Husky but one day for sure I know that will come true!

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