Yorkie Puppy Plays Hide-and-Seek with Parents

Watch the adorable adventures of this Yorkie on his journey to find his daddy who’s playing hide and seek.

It’s so cute the way he runs around poking his head in every room trying to solve the case.

Have you ever tried playing Hide and Seek with your Yorkies? Was it as adorable as this?

Let us know in the comments below.

It’s important to play games and have fun with your Yorkie – it stimulates them and keeps them engaged and happy.

Watch the adorable video below:

As I mentioned above – it is important to play games and have fun with your Yorkie.

It stimulates their brains and their energy levels. As we all know Yorkies have a lot of energy and spunk – we need to keep them engaged and stimulated or they can become unhappy, depressed or even sick!

Yorkshire Terriers have small bodies – this makes it easy for them to get sufficient exercise with you.

So play games, go for walks and have fun with your Yorkies!

If you live alone with Yorkies – it may be harder to play hide and seek with them because they are definitely not going to give you a moment of privacy to get into a good hiding position.

If you have someone with you it makes it so much easier – tell your friend to hide while you keep your Yorkie distracted.

Then go on a search for your friend.

This will probably only be fun if your Yorkie wants to find your friend – otherwise they’ll just be searching the house with you. That’s pretty funny!

What you could do in this case would be to tell your friend to distract your Yorkie while you go hide.

This way your Yorkie will begin searching for you the moment your friend stops distracting them.

You and your Yorkie will bond a lot from this game – it is so cute when they finally find you and show their happiness and excitement.

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