Playful Yorkie Plays with his Food Before Eating It

Source: Rumble / Jasmine Benitez-Barnes

This Yorkie featured in the video below is so adorable.

You are about to witness him hilariously playing with and attacking his food as he puts on a great show for us to watch.

Please allow a moment for the video to load, it’s so worth it!

Here is the video:

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That Yorkie is so adorable!

The way his coat is cut is so cute – it’s so nice just to watch him happily play on video.

Watching Yorkies do funny activities is the biggest reason I love writing articles about them!

This video was originally submitted to The Yorkie Club – on Facebook.

If you have any Yorkie videos of your own, please send them to us by uploading them in our group.

We have over 64 000 group members and I know we would all love to see your Yorkie do cute and funny things too!

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Seeing dogs play with their food before eating it is always fun to watch.

It is especially entertaining when it is our little Yorkies doing this.

The reason is because Yorkies are so small and cute. Seeing them attack a total lifeless piece of food before eating it is so funny!

I wonder what the true reason is behind this though.

It may be because our Yorkies really do not have to struggle for food – as we happily feed them and make sure they are taken care of.

Therefore, our Yorkies still want to feel the “hunt” or excitement and accomplishment of capturing and eating their own food.

Either way, I am not complaining – it is only the cutest thing ever to witness. As you have just found out!

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