These Newborn Parti Yorkie Puppies Could Be The Cutest Puppies Ever

Source: Youtube

In the video below we can see a mother Yorkie and her three newborn puppies.

The interesting thing about these Yorkies is that they are what is referred to as a “Parti” Yorkie.

It means that they have a distinct white lot of fur on their body – which is different to the standard brown and black that we see on “regular” Yorkies.

Some people like myself, prefer original Yorkies colors but a lot of other people actually prefer the Parti Yorkie.

Which is an interesting fact because in the past, when Yorkies were starting to become more and more popular – people would often shun Parti Yorkies. Therefore breeders would not only be unhappy if they had Parti puppies, but they would often times just give them away instead of selling them because no one would buy them.

Nowadays however, things are the opposite. ALL Yorkies are popular and the Parti variant is no exception, even overtaking the traditionally colored Yorkie in terms of price and demand.

newborn parti yorkies - featured image

Source: Youtube

In the first half of the video you will see the puppies as newborns, along with their mommy.

In the second half you will see them a little bit more grown up. It is so adorable the way they are just absolutely excited and ready for action in the second half of the video.

Enjoy the video below:

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There is something about newborn puppies that makes me feel happy inside.

Is it their visual and auditory cuteness? Or their innocence? I think it is a combination of both. They are so small and fragile and they need absolute love and care at every step. I think after watching this video I am going to get another puppy.

Don’t feel guilty if you want another puppy too, we are only human and we have weaknesses! Seeing Yorkie puppies display their natural love and adorableness on camera is one of my biggest weaknesses.

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