Lily the Yorkie, Has Fallen in Love with Her Large Fluffy Bed

Meet Lily.

She is a 5 year old Yorkshire Terrier from Australia and even though she is a fully grown Yorkie, most people think she’s a puppy because she is so tiny!

It also helps that she sticks her tongue out and has giant soul piercing eyes.

Lily is so adorable the way she sticks her little tongue out and stares at you.

It makes me want to get another Yorkie!

Somebody stop me before I end up with a house full of Yorkies – although who said that is a bad thing?!

Certainly not me – One day I want to have five Yorkies but right now I only have three.

It is good to have dreams and aspirations! I am sure many of you want more Yorkies – I hope you get them one day.

In this video Lily is showcased just lying adorable in her bed – just look at the way she is so calm and happy!

Watch the video below:

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I have searched online for a high quality bed for small dogs and have managed to find one!

Take a look on Amazon below:

The above bed is really well rated and honestly looks so comfortable.

Kind of makes me want to be a Yorkie myself so I can sleep and enjoy life just chilling on it with not a care in the world!

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