Mom Yorkie Plays with her Son

Mom Yorkie Plays with her son - featured image
Source: Youtube

A couple of weeks ago we shared a post of a dad Yorkie playing with his son.

It was a major hit and it’s no wonder as to why.

Everybody loves seeing Yorkie parents playing with their puppies!

In this video we have a mom Yorkie playing with her son – and you know that if it sounds cute then it absolutely is even more cute than you could imagine.

The video is below!

This is definitely a touching and precious moment between the young puppy and the Yorkie mama.

The puppy is so small I wonder how old he is, take a guess and write it in the comments section.

If you love cuteness, this is the video for you!

You can watch the video below:

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This moment of cuteness captured on video between the very young puppy and his Yorkie mom is exactly what everyone needs in the middle of their day to make them smile.

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If you can guess what age the puppy is please give it a try in the comments below. I am curious as to if anyone can get it correct.

My favorite part about the video of the mom Yorkie playing with her son is in the beginning when the little puppy is on his back legs jumping up to his mama.

It is so cute the way they interact with each other, you can tell the Yorkies live a good life with humans that love them. The mother Yorkie is well fed and looks very happy to spend her days playing with her son!

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