Male Yorkie Vs Female Yorkie

Ever wondered what the differences are between male and female Yorkshire Terriers?

“So many viewers have asked if they should get a male yorkie or a female yorkie when looking at yorkshire terrier puppies, so I decided to make this yorkie 101 video talking about the differences and similarities of the two.”


I have had boys and girls and I do think there is a difference.

Our trainer explained it like this, the females have more at stake as they have an instinct to look after babies, they can sometimes resource guard more meaning growl at the other dogs if they take their toy or jump up on the bed or sit near there owner.

I agree that our male yorkie follows me everywhere AND our female loves, loves, loves my husband. I would highly recommend a male yorkie even though I love them both very much….

And they do bark, especially when you have more the one and they can react or bark at dogs on your walk, at strangers, at ducks at almost anything so be prepared to be very loving and patient!

The truth is, when it comes to differences in behavior – it is hard to predict the exact way in which a Yorkie will act.

Yorkshire Terriers in general have massive tenacity and heart and on the other end of the spectrum, you do get the occasional Yorkie who is a bit shy and tucked away.

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