Huge Yorkie Family eat Lovely Dinner Together

Source: Rumble / Jae Buchanan

What is the greatest number of Yorkies you’ve ever seen in one video?

Whatever your answer is: the video below is about to challenge it!

In the video below, we get to see an exclusive look into the dinner time of a HUGE Yorkie family!

From the uploader: “I usually never feed them all together but it wasn’t so bad.”

Watch the video here:

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I lost count of the number of Yorkies featured in the video above.

Too many to count! Or maybe it was that I just couldn’t focus as the video is so cute.

Either way, this is one huge Yorkie family and I am very thankful to the owner for capturing this special moment on video!

The video was originally uploaded to The Yorkie Club on Facebook.

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It is so adorable looking at all those cute Yorkies – if my house was filled with that many Yorkies I would probably never leave.

My girlfriend would totally be jealous of all the love and attention I would devote to all the Yorkies! However, I know she would understand because these Yorkies are impossible not to love.

Source: Flickr

I only have three Yorkies at my house, and even taking care of all three of them – is quite a task. I can’t imagine taking care of so many though – the expense must be absolutely huge!

Though we all know, as Yorkie parents – that any amount of money is not enough when it comes to the health and care of our precious dogs…

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