Happy Yorkie Loves to Swim in his Pool

Happy Yorkie Loves to Swim in his Pool featured image

Sources: Kim Kell Stinson via The Yorkie Club / Rumble

Who doesn’t like swimming?

Sure, some people don’t. In general though, most people find it fun.

Yorkshire Terriers are no exception!

In fact, Yorkies are known to be great swimmers despite their tiny size.

In the video below you get to see exactly what I am talking about.

This Yorkie is such a good swimmer, he even knows how to do a beautiful elegant swan dive!

Watch the video here:

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Wasn’t that just an awesomely entertaining video to watch?

I honestly want to go swim now. That Yorkie sure knows exactly how to make the most of a tiny pool!

That being said though, being a tiny Yorkie comes with its upsides – a tiny pool for us humans is now a giant pool for the Yorkie.

Do you let your Yorkie swim? Has your Yorkie ever had the opportunity to swim?

You should try it and see if they enjoy it!

Of course, you must be there at all times to ensure the safety of your Yorkie.

A small pool like the one in the video is ideal because you can be there all the time.

Also, having steps that lead out the water depth and allow the dog to leave the pool by themselves is an excellent idea.

One thing you can do to maximise the safety of your Yorkie while swimming is a doggy life jacket.

Yeah, they even make them small enough for Yorkies.

Check out the one I have added below.

This one is from Amazon and is obviously highly rated, or else I would never recommend it.

You can check it out by clicking here.

I love watching that little Yorkie dive into the pool and doggy paddle his way around. He is having such a good time that one cannot help but smile and feel positive when watching the video.

I am sure you agree!

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This video will definitely brighten up anybody’s day.

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