Grandma Gets Emotional Over Her Yorkie Puppy Surprise

Screenshot: Youtube

The video below captures the amazing instant bond this sweet grandma has with her new Yorkie.

We all remember that magical moment when we met our precious furbaby for the first time. Not all of us were lucky enough to film it.

On this special day, this grandma was opening her gifts she had received from her family, without having the slightest idea that she was about to receive the honour of becoming the mother of a precious Yorkie!

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Her family had planned this out and were giving her hints disguised as gifts, trying to subtlety open her mind to the greatest gift she could have received that day. The whole family was in on the surprise, and were all sitting around her in the living room in anticipation of the magical moment that was about to change grandma and grandpa’s live forever.

It is obvious from the moment she begins opening her gifts that she has a heart of gold. She can’t get over how cute the gifts are! You can hear the lady behind the camera asking, “any idea yet?” To which her response is “no.”

Screenshot: Youtube

She opens her gifts one by one, completely oblivious as to what the secret gift was going to be. Her loving husband makes his way over to her on the couch. You can tell she has absolutely no idea what is about to happen.

She is told to close her eyes. From outside the frame of the camera, little Archie is placed on her lap. “Oh my god” is all she can get out initially. She goes into a state of shock as the reality starts to sink in, that little Archi is her new furbaby! The connection is instant and Archie instantly shows his affection by giving her kisses.

Screenshot: Youtube

Grandma is overcome with emotion and is able to cherish the magical moment with her whole family.

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