Goofy Yorkie Totally Forgets How to be a Dog

Sources: Nailah Knight via The Yorkie Club / Rumble

The below video will have you laughing in your seat.

Speaking of seat, this Yorkie has the most amazing way of sitting.

Or is she standing? I honestly cannot tell.

Take a look for yourself in the below video:

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So, firstly that Yorkie has got attitude. You can tell just by the short video.

It is the way she carries herself. She makes no movements, doesn’t even blink.

She stands (or sits?) on two legs while wearing her pretty clothing.

We can all tell she has got a feisty personality.

Just take a look at that!

Goofy Yorkie standing

I love her little dress she is wearing.

I did some searching for you guys in case you wanted to get something similar for your Yorkies.

Amazon has quite the selection and I found a couple of items.

Take a look below!

The above product is well rated, take a look for yourself here.

Make sure you choose the correct size, our Yorkies are notoriously small – therefore puppy clothing usually fits well. Especially if your Yorkie is smaller than average.

The average size of a Yorkie, for reference is:

6 pounds or 2.7 kg and 9 inches at the shoulder.

You can search for more Yorkie clothes by clicking here.

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