Full Family of Yorkies

Source: Youtube

In the video below you will be overwhelmed with the amount of Yorkies on your screen!

I want you to try and count how many Yorkies you manage to see.

There are so many, I cannot even keep track. I lost count every time I watched the video!

Whoever lives in this house has sure got their hands full of cuteness and mischief. I even saw a cat playing with a Yorkie – it is so cute to see Yorkies play with other animals.

If this was my house however, I would surely be in heaven and would never be able to leave it!

Imagine leaving and then having to come home to 10 tiny bundles of happiness, love and mayhem every time.

It would be such a joyous time! But it may get a bit much if I do say so myself.

The most amount of Yorkies I have lived with at any given time is three. Even living with three Yorkies is not without it’s moments either. However, the happiness that Yorkies bring overshadows any stress or responsibility that comes with them.

I am sure you agree with me. If not let me know in the comments section!

The video is featured below:

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Living with so many adorable bundles of cuteness must be amazing.

I would be sitting behind my camera every minute of the day just capturing all the magical moments on tape!

So much joy, happiness and love. With a little bit of mischief, leads to an extremely interesting array of character.

As I have already mentioned, I have three Yorkies. They are so much fun to have around – not to mention the constant company of little living teddy bears. I need to get more videos of them and feature them here!

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