Ferret Gets Introduced to New Yorkie Puppy Sister

Ferret Gets Introduced to New Yorkie Puppy Sister

Borchy the ferret was living a simple life at home with his parents.

Until all of a sudden mom and dad arrived home with a sister for him.

A Yorkshire Terrier puppy sister that is!

Honestly though who doesn’t want a Yorkie puppy sister?!

The little Yorkie pup’s name is Deborah and she truly is adorable. The video below absolutely encapsulates this and it is no wonder why – pretty much all Yorkshire Terrier puppies are adorable. Can anybody prove me wrong?

They can’t help it. It is as if God blessed each little Yorkie puppy with the instant aura of cuteness that is irreplaceable.

What do I mean by this? Well, all dog puppies are cute but all Yorkie owners know that Yorkie pups take the cake when it comes to the question of “which dog puppy is cutest?”

I am not biased of course. It’s not as if I am in love with Yorkie puppies and have a reason to push my agenda here – no way!

Have you ever introduced a Yorkshire Terrier to an ‘exotic’ pet? We would truly like to know so please tell us in the comments.

Ferrets are pretty cool and tolerant of other pets as you can see – they don’t get freaked out easily and Borchy is especially chilled when he meets his precious little sister.

In fact I know for a fact they have become the best of friends since the video was filmed. The reason I know this is because there are a few other videos with Borchy and Deborah the Yorkie!

Please allow a moment for the video to load – the video is below:


Here is a newer video of Borchy the Ferret and Deborah the Yorkie – Deborah is all grown up and it’s beautiful to see their hilarious sibling relationship:

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