Energetic Yorkie loves to play hide-and-seek with ferret friends

This adorable Yorkie has two friends she loves to play with!

Her furry family consist of two ferrets and what a lovable little trio they are.

The Yorkie’s name is Deborah and she is so full of energy it is invigorating to watch. I am sure you will agree!

My favorite part is when Deborah is energetically searching for the ferrets but since they’re under the covers and not at her level of energy she totally bypasses them.

Next thing the one ferret emerges from the blanket and surprises Deborah!

It’s so cute that I can not get over it.

I’ve probably watched this video like seven times now – someone needs to stop me.

It’s not often we get to see a Yorkie interact with ferrets. So this video is truly something special!

The video is below so make sure you see it. It will instantly put a smile on your face.

I never noticed how cute ferrets are – they sure make good companions to Yorkies.

I’ve watched many videos consisting of Yorkies and other small animals and it just seems like Yorkies can pair up with pretty much any other similarly sized animal very well.

Heck – I know a Yorkie and Great Dane that are brother and sister and are inseparable too!

I think it is uniquely adorable and a great sight to see such a large and small pair of dogs get along together so well – Great Danes are sensitive and go well with Yorkies believe it or not!

Maybe the Dane looks at the little Yorkie as a tiny friend they have to protect. And it sure works.

Other animals must also be aware of just how adorable Yorkies are – not just us humans. Or perhaps it’s just the lovable nature of Yorkies that other animals pick up on easily – can you blame them? Nope.

Here is the video:


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