Daddy Cuddles with Tiny Newborn Yorkie Puppy

Daddy Cuddles with Tiny newborn Yorkie Puppy - image

Source: YouTube

Have you ever seen a newborn Yorkshire Terrier puppy?

I am sure at some point in your life, you have seen a Yorkie puppy. We all have!

However, if you haven’t yet seen a newborn puppy – you are about to be in for a treat because in the video below we have a newborn Yorkie cuddling with his human daddy.

After the mama Yorkie gave birth, a beautiful and heartwarming moment was captured on tape.

The Yorkie puppy – being so small and fragile, I can only assume the puppy is merely a couple of weeks old! In general it is advised to leave the puppies with their mom.

This is to make sure the puppy is kept healthy, warm and happy.

Though in the video you will see that this newborn puppy seems very healthy, warm and happy!

Also worth pointing out is that after the video was taken I am quite confident that the tiny puppy was placed back with his mama Yorkie so no need to worry about that.

Watch the beautiful video below:

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As I mentioned above, it is well known that Yorkie puppies – all newborn puppies in general should stay with their mothers. In fact, Yorkshire Terrier puppies should only be considered for sale / rehoming after the age of 3 months. This is to ensure they have had enough time to fully develop.

If you are considering getting a Yorkie puppy I will list some basic yet important advice you should bare in mind:

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