Cute Yorkie Rides in a Backpack 

Cute Yorkie Rides in a Backpack  featured image

Credit: Liz Azzaretto via The Yorkie Club / Rumble

How many times in your life have you wished you could be carried instead of having to walk? 

Well, for this Yorkie – that wish has been granted. 

This Yorkie doesn’t need to walk nor lift a paw, for he is being transported by his loyal humans. 

Watch the video below: 

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Does your Yorkie ever get carried around so they don’t have to walk? 

When walking around densely populated areas like the one featured in the video, it is important to keep your Yorkie safe and secure. 

I went to Amazon and found an excellently rated Yorkie Carrier Backpack, take a look below: 

Yorkies are extremely popular dogs and therefore anyone at any time is willing to buy them. 

Unfortunately, this means that Yorkies are getting stolen from their owners in increasingly alarming rates. 

If I have to leave my Yorkies at home, I make sure they are inside and the doors and windows locked.  

I do however have a small doggy door leading out to the back garden where they are safe as there is a roof which will protect from predator birds and a large fence / wall that will block anyone’s attempt at stealing my precious Yorkies. 

Usually, I bring my Yorkies with me in my car wherever I go – I make sure before I leave my house that my Yorkies are safe and secure with me in their safe doggy car seat carrier. 

Below I have inserted a top rated Yorkie car seat carrier from Amazon

Doggy car seat carriers are very handy not only because they are comfortable for your Yorkie but also because in the event of an accident, you will be totally calm as you know your Yorkie is safe in a protected and padded carrier. 

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