Cute Yorkie Loves his Little Duck Toy

This Yorkie is totally in love with his little toy duck.

If by love I mean putting the duck in his mouth and trying to rip it apart.

Of course, all Yorkies do this and every time I see it I am just smiling from ear to ear.

The reason it brings me such joy is because it is so cute!

The mere thought of a little Yorkie trying to use their little teeth to rip anything apart is comical.

But we certainly aren’t laughing at the little Yorkie, we are merely laughing with him!

Yorkies can pretty much do anything and it will look so adorable.

The problem with being a Yorkie and trying to be tough is that no one can keep a straight face when you showcase your ‘toughness’.

I don’t think Yorkies are truly aware of how adorable and small they actually are.

It is for that very reason that Yorkshire Terriers have some of the biggest personalities out there in the dog world.

You would think a Great Dane would have the biggest set of barks and personality traits but nope, that title goes to our beloved Yorkies.

Don’t get me wrong, Great Danes are awesome dogs too, but you didn’t click on this article because you like Great Danes, you clicked here because you love Yorkies!

That makes two of us.

Watch the video below!

When watching a video of a little Yorkie doing their best job at ripping apart their toy, I can’t help but just want to pick them up and give them a hug.

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